Terms expedition in August 2016. Roughly 30 days in the mountains.

The objectives of the expedition.

Krubera Cave:

  1. Branch Nekuybyshevskaya. Sandy pipe (-1520 meters). Progress oval, so called because of the abundance of sand. As we assume, can lead us into a parallel course of the main cave system. The works were carried out here in 2011 and 2015. In 2015 the expedition arrived before the next contraction. We need to continue the engineering work. At the bottom of the branches Nekuybyshevskaya today it is the most promising place to look for continuation.
  2. The main branch, Hall of Soviet speleologists (-1710 meters). The excavations were carried out in the hall in 2003 and 2008. As a result, the work place was considered not promising. Powerful clay-sand plug that can hold for a long time drained the water during floods into the room, did not inspire hope for a quick victory. But there is, so to speak, "knight's move". "First floor" Hall of Soviet speleologists ends blocky rubble. In the next year we will try to go through this blockage, and to find the continuation of the cave.
  3. The main branch, the flow in the hall of Ukrainian night (-1670m). The inflow ends trap, the level of which was partially reduced from a hose in 2008. But then pass the siphon and failed. In 2016 we plan to organize a dive there. We hope that we get to breaking the siphon in upward cave influx Krubera. It would be desirable that it had been the influx of Berchilskoy.
  4. For those wishing to visit the -2080 m mark conditions are created.

Cave Berchilskaya. The entrances to the cave are more than 150 meters above the entrance to the cave Krubera. The combination of these caves seems quite real. The cave is equipped with two of underground camp.

  1. The bottom of the cave hall Berchilskaya (-500m). Our predecessors could not find here the continuation of the cave. Try your luck and we. Three years it took us to expand the recovery approaches and conditioned sample. Everything is ready for the "massive offensive".
  2. The second section of the application of our research efforts is the branch of -360 meters. Here we are waiting for expansion engineering work.

Applications for participation in the expedition should be sent to: kasyan_yura[@]mail.ru