Terms and structure of expedition to valley Ortobalagan caves 2015 are finally approved.

We leave Kiev on July 28. We go through the Crimea where Samokhin and Kosyakin by the car join us. In preliminary plans the trip through Georgia was planned, but in consular service of Abkhazia to us refused invitations and warned that us won't let through the Georgian-Abkhazian border. Only through the Russian Federation. Explanations to us weren't provided...

15 cave explorers were a part of group. Ukraine - 7 people, the Crimea - 2 person, Iran - 4 person, Israel - 1 person and the USA - 1 person.

In plans of expedition continuation of research Krubera cave (a branch Not Kuibyshev - 1697m) and Berchilskaya cave.

We plan to return back to Kiev on August 26.