Abkhazia, Massive Arabica, Orto-Balagan Valley. August 2019. Expedition of the Ukrainian Speleological Association. Leader Yuri Kasian

Abkhazia, Massive Arabica, Orto-Balagan Valley.

August 2018 Expedition of the Ukrainian Speleological Association.

Leader Yuri Kasian

Now briefly about its results.

Berchilskaya cave. Gagra Range, Abkhazia. The height of the upper entrance to the cave is 2430 meters. The depth of the cave is 770 meters today. The video was shot in the expeditions of the Ukrainian Speleological Association.

When we started working in the cave of Berchilskaya, we often met in the cave the equipment left by our predecessors. This equipment was not suitable for further use for its intended purpose, but it seemed to us that it could be collected in one place and become museum exhibits. So we did. At a depth of 320 meters, on the site of the underground camp we equipped a museum of speleology. I hope that the speleologists of Kishinev will watch this video and remember the times of their youth.

On the last day of the expedition in 2016 in Berchilskaya cave we went down to the next collapse of stones. The blockage did not make an impression of a safe and comfortable place. During the reconnaissance, stones and blocks fell down and disappeared. The water ran along the walls, it was not very comfortable and slightly alarming. We decided to retreat until next year, giving the name of the blockade "Do not live for another year")) ...

Very interesting cave and located in a very good location. It is possible that in the future it will even become one of the deepest caves of the Orto Balagan valley. There were little things left ... pull a few cubes (dozens of cubes) of stones to the surface.)) A worthy task for speleologists who like to open caves from the surface.

For four years we worked in the cave of Berchilskaya without even knowing that we are literally a few meters from the entrance to another cave ...

While watching the video, Volodya Nasedkin recognized this cave. This is the Pearl cave. Exactly 30 years ago, Nasedkin visited this cave and even managed to crash into the well (5.00 - 5.50 min) and break with a fall ...

Results of the UkrSA expedition to the Krubera cave, August 2017

Travel to Krubera cave 0-250 m.

Author Yury Kasyan

Ukrainian speleological Association expedition in the caves of the valley Ortho Balagan (Arabica). July-August 2016.

Author Fabio Bollini

"Call of the abbys 2014" expedition

W terminie 3-24 sierpnia 2014 roku odbyła się wyprawa Wielkopolskiego Klubu Taternictwa Jaskiniowego do Jaskini Krubera - Voroniej, której celem było sportowe przejście i zdobycie suchego dna (Game Over -2080 m) najgłębszej jaskini świata.

Author Fabio Bollini

"Call of the abbys 2014" expedition

Le esclusive immagini HD di un esplorazione di 8 giorni densa di emozioni al centro della terra, nel punto più profondo del pianeta, nella grotta più profonda al mondo./The exclusive HD images to an 8-day exploration full of emotions at the center of the earth, the deepest point on the planet, in the deepest cave in the world.

A short movie about expedition of the Ukrainian Speleological Assosiation in the deepest cave in the World Kruber-Voronya (-2196m), made by Bulgarian members of the expedition. First ever video from diving in the bottom siphon "Two Captains". During this diving the diver Gennadiy Samokhin is triyng to catch a unique fish, which is probably living there. Unfortunately, fish was not caught. Instead of the fish, invertebrate

The final part of the immersion to the Dva Kapitana (Two captains) Siphon, the diver Gennadiy Samokhin surfacing: